Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts

The design of multi-ply conveyor belts enables application in all areas of materials handling. Due to the carcass construction and quality of cover these belts are noted for their reliability and long life in all industrial applications either for general purposes or handling of sharp-edged and extremely abrasive materials.
Fire and flame resistant conveyor belts are made of special types of self-extinguishing rubber to raise safety to the highest degree.
As a rule, oils and greases have a very destructive impact on rubber, however, materials that contain oil or grease are daily conveyed. In order to protect rubber components in the conveyor belts from swelling, types of rubber that are resistant to oil and grease should be applied. CLEATED BELTS
Hot transported material can very easily damage the conveyor belt. CCBS uses products that has proven itself with abrasion resistant qualities
Conveying bulk solids can sometimes cause difficulties; sharp-edged, large pieces of undefined shapes, unfavorable feeding conditions, material pile-ups could result in cuts or punctures in the belt. The RIPSTOP conveyor belt is built with an additional impact-resistant breaker installed above the carcass.

Elevator conveyor belts are designed for application in all areas of the belted - type elevators. Due to their carcass construction they are known as an "endurance runner" and have proven to be reliable conveyor belts with a long service life. ELEVATOR conveyor belts are the best solution from the technical and cost-efficiency point of view.

For technical reasons, a rotating supporting roller cannot be installed in certain types of conveyors, therefore, a belt requires a so-called sliding table to operate. Such operation does not allow the bottom surface of the belt to be coated with rubber, as this would increase friction between the base and the belt. CCBS can provide you with a special sliding conveyor belts where friction is decreased to a minimum.

Conveyor belts with a smooth carrying surface are useful for conveying of packed and unpacked material up to the angle of inclination 22° as an upper limit.

CHEVRON belts are the right belts to meet your requirements when higher angles of inclination are required. For this purpose, CCBS can provide high-quality Chevron conveyor belts. Their advantages are long service life and flexibility due to homogeneous Chevron profiles which are vulcanized together with a base belt.

When conveying material in horizontal and especially ascending direction, the material could slip off the smooth conveyor belt. A special rubber coating with a high friction ability and a special surface design both prevent the material from slipping off the conveyor belt. GRIPTOP conveyor belts are particularly suitable for conveying at high angles and/or in wet and humid conditions.

Conveyor Belt with cleats generally used for transporting materials – materials on a sloping surface. Cleat will provide a higher resistance and friction to prevent loads falling into the direction of gravity. Cleat applied to the conveyor at any distance and in a variety of heights and cuts.
Heavy duty conveyor belts that are used for carrying materials up at a vertical incline.
Sidewall rubber conveyor belts for high inclined and vertical systems, are manufactured with components specifically designed with sidewall and cleats for the perfect performance.

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